Recently I used Black Diamond Contractors to re-do my backyard and lay down brick pavers. I used to have an old deck, as well as some out of control bushes and dirt in my backyard. The Black Diamond contractors came out and did a wonderful job laying down the new pavers. Specifically: The owner himself came out to assess the job. He is not only friendly, but he has excellent vision. He made excellent suggestions and helped us greatly in designing the layout of the yard. His vision helped make the yard far more beautiful….. Read More

Timing: He always sticks to his word. He has a schedule, he makes you a promise and he delivered on everything he said he would. They arrived on time and they finished on time. He knew how long it would take and estimated it properly. They also stay on the job until it is finished, not come and go as their schedule dictates. The Owner himself was there most of the time supervising the crew. Professional work: The crew was well trained and knew exactly what to do to get the job done. The pavers look great; there are no uneven spots or loose bricks. In addition, the crew constantly asked me to look around for anything that didn’t look right. If I noticed something, they immediately fixed it.

Price: The bid was below what others bid on the same thing. Many others made the bid expecting me to haggle with them, so they added some cushion in the quote. He gave me his final price right off the bat, and it was fair. Also, many others start low and increase the price as the job progresses. In our case, there was a lot of debris discovered below the deck that was not anticipated. He did not raise his price (as I frankly expected him to) but stuck firm to his commitment. It was very impressive and refreshing. I would unconditionally recommend Black Diamond to any of my friends (as I already have) and would not hesitate for a moment to use them again for any work that I require in the future. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Mark Soliman
Assistant Professor, Stanford University.
Palo Alto,CA

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